Tony Vu   
  Deep in the Heart of Texas

I grew up in Austin, Texas. I have seen ATX, as Austin is now known, grow from a quaint capital of 130,000 people to a Metroplex of over 2.3 million (2023).

An interesting trivia: Austin is in Travis county, which is shaped like a heart, hence the term 'Deep in the Heart of Texas' from the popular 1942 song of the same name (June Hershey, Don Swander)

Austinites were very friendly people before the migration boom. Now ATX is straining to keep its charm as a town with a very laid-back culture. Seriously, we were never weird, just VERY laid-back about everything. You were a true Austinite when you've learned to kick back, relax, and say 'howdy' to everything life throws at ya.

The new culture here leans toward 'faux progressive': folks have ideals but often think of the people whom they claim they are "doing this for" as an Idiocracy crowd. Elitism rules from both liberals and conservatives. Howdy!

Be kind and fill your life with memorable moments, y’all.

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